Hack UMass Day 1

Most of our first day at Hack UMass was spent talking to sponsors and brainstorming for ideas. This was one of the largest hackathons I have attended and there more sponsors than I have seen at any other hackathon.
One of the companies sponsoring the event, Robin, had a demo set up showing how one of their products works. Robin has created sensors that detect the presence of smartphones and can be used to detect how many people are in a given room. One possible application for their product is to offer analytics to businesses about what parts of an office space are being used.
The UMass engineering students had set up several 3D printers that were available for anyone to use to create components for their projects. They had a bunch of example items out on the table as well, ranging from small gears to Yoda heads.
They also had a quadcopter that had been created using 3D printing.

Google had some amazing swag to give away. I thought the Google Chrome Frisbee was amazing!

Afterward, we went upstarts to one of the hacking rooms. We found a spot in an engineering lab that had a great setup for it's tables. There was a hydra of power and Ethernet cables that snaked out from the center of the table for anyone who needed them.


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